Dear Reverend Laura, thank you so much for an amazing ceremony. When we embarked on this wedding we could not picture our ceremony at all but with your help our ceremony became truly memorable. I really enjoyed every part of the ceremony. It was very special and emotional. And thanks for the rehearsal, it made everything flow! We could not have asked for a better wedding ceremony!
Love, Nava & Andy


Marriage Ceremony

Congratulations! Let’s make your wedding ceremony memorable!

Officiating weddings is one of Laura’s truest joys! She’s genuine, enthusiastic and committed to making memories memorable by presiding over the ceremony you’re envisioning.

As unique as your entire wedding day will be, Laura will fully express and publicly share your love story at the location of your choice.

Laura’s friendly, relaxed and spontaneous nature immediately makes each and everyone feel comfortable and along with her decades of professional counseling experience is a beneficial source of heartfelt assurance and inspiring confidence to couples knowing that they are in the hands of an accomplished Officiant that understands and cares.


A traditional wedding ceremony is a formal nuptial, foremost religious, reflecting the couple’s spiritual orientation. Typically the bride & groom are attired in the garments that reflect their culture and tradition.


A spiritual wedding ceremony reflects the authenticity of the couples distinct spiritual life and sacredness of their union, frequently inspired with symbolic meaning.


A metaphysical wedding extends beyond the limits of the ordinary wedding experience by focusing on the unity of all creation, the basic goodness of humankind and the superiority of spiritual vision.


A military wedding ceremony is not a military service but rather a respectful mass conducted in a military chapel or otherwise. Military clothing/uniforms ought to be worn and involve a Saber Arch in which sabers or swords are used to salute the newly married couple.


A pagan wedding ceremony is a spiritual sacrament that is deeply connected to nature. It can be considered a polytheistic or pantheistic religion. Legendary rituals such as ‘hand-fasting’ or a ‘broomstick wedding’ (this is where a couple jumps over a decorated broomstick symbolizing a leap of faith) may be included. Any symbolic path can be incorporated by the couple.


An interfaith wedding ceremony is when a couple incorporates aspects of two different religious faiths into one. Two officiates are right and proper but not necessary.


A double wedding ceremony is a single ceremony where two couples wed simultaneously.


A wedding ceremony when two people of the same sex or intersecting identities marry. It is a celebration that can be simple or elaborate, reflecting the authenticity of their union.

Alternative Ceremonies

Optional wedding ceremonies are designed to be used as 'out of the ordinary' add-ons to the original wedding ceremony. Varieties are available for consideration including:

  • Rose for Mothers
  • Sand Ceremony
  • Love Letter/Wine Ceremony
  • Candle-lighting Ceremony
  • Rose Exchange Bride & Groom
  • Tulip Exchange Bride & Groom
  • Mead (Toast) Ceremony

Devotional/Commitment Ceremony

Devotional Ceremonies is an occasion for people to enrich and honour each other's lives. It's not a destination, rather an opportunity for each person to find the strength to live his or her life, together, with courage and commitment. It is an act of devotion that pledges loyalty to the other for an indefinite period of time and can serve the same purpose as an oath, if an oath is objectionable because of religious or ethical grounds. A devotional/commitment ceremony becomes a legal right only when a marriage license is endorsed.

Renewal of Vows

A renewal of vows ceremony is an important milestone in a couple‘s relationship by way of bringing their relationship full circle by reaffirming their vows. It’s a romantic occasion for a couple to experience the magic, hope and commitment they felt on their wedding day while rejoicing in the presence of family and friends. The service can be as casual or formal as the couple wishes. Since renewing vows is not a legal act, no official paperwork is required.

A rehearsal is often encouraged.

A rehearsal plan ensures that the schematics of the ceremony are simplified and clarified for the arrangement of the actual day. This stratagem sets the tone for the official day, offering the rehearsal participants self-assurance and a sense of relief and contentment instead of impending fear and worry often credited to pre-wedding jitters and lack of knowledge and planning. For more information click on the REHEARSAL page.