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What do we need to do for you to marry us?

You need to acquire a marriage license from any government office - take photo identification and divorce documents if applicable. There is a cost for the marriage license which slightly varies from township to city. Remember, the marriage license is only valid for 90 days.

Where do we obtain a wedding license?

Any local government issuing office. The fee for the license can vary slightly in each municipality. Remember, the marriage license is only valid for 90 days.

How long before the wedding should we book you?

It's always best to check my availability and book as soon as possible. I can place 'a hold' on your date and time for a couple of days.

Do we need witnesses?

Yes, you'll require two witnesses over the age of 18. Witnesses may be relatives or friends and must be able to understand the legal documents they will be required to sign.

Can a friend or relative conduct our wedding ceremony?

Possibly. I would need to approve the content of ceremony that I’ll be solemnizing. As well, I’m obliged to be present to fulfill all legal requirements.

Will you marry us wherever we choose?

Yes, I will happily marry you at the location of your choice.

Can photos be taken?

Yes, indeed. You direct your photographer in your preferences. I will introduce myself to all the professionals present - cinematographer, videographer or camera operator.

How long is the wedding ceremony usually?

As a rule, a wedding ceremony is usually 15-25 minutes. Ceremonies longer than 30 minutes are not recommended.

Can children be part of the service?

Absolutely! With your input, I can create an enjoyable, fun-loving experience for all children involved.

Do we need to come to any pre-marital counselling?

As your chosen Officiant, I’ll be able to offer a session or two to ease any pre-wedding jitters.

What is a devotional/commitment ceremony?

A devotional or commitment ceremony is an act of devotion that pledges loyalty to the other for an indefinite period of time. A devotional/commitment ceremony becomes a legal rite only when a marriage license is endorsed.

What is a renewal of vows ceremony?

A renewal of vows ceremony is to reaffirm or renew vows. Since renewing vows is not a legal act, no official paperwork is required.

What is your refund policy?

Deposits are required to secure your wedding date and time. Weddings cancelled within 30 days of booking will be refunded, minus $100 administration fee.

When do we meet?

Introductory meetings are not required. My website introduces you to my professional skills and endeavours which will undoubtedly assist you in making an informed decision as to whether I am your ‘fitting’ Officiant.

Can we chat with you before we book?

Absolutely! It’s best we schedule a time so you’ll have my undivided attention. Please send a request via the CONTACT page or a text to 905-717-1797 with your best day and time.

What do you wear for the wedding ceremony?

I dress respectfully to compliment your ceremony. You may request that I wear a suit, dress or professional clergy garb.

May I offer a gratuity?

Your testimonial and picture for my website is the greatest accolade you could offer! A referral is always greatly appreciated.