Over the centuries in diverse cultures,
Rites of Passage have been experienced as heartfelt expressions
of growth and movement from one phase of life or role into another.


Annual Rite

A celebration marking the date of heartfelt devotion of a past event of personal or historical importance observed on an annual basis. Often involving symbolism that reflects and affirms one's values and beliefs.​

Leaving Home

A significant process of growth and unfoldment. Leaving behind the precepts of a conditioned way of learning towards a gradual way of becoming understood in a clear and realized fully awakened state of Being.

Letting Go

The release of the old and moving toward self-actualization. The process of non-attachment to outcomes, surrendering desires, accepting the present, opening guidance of a higher power, relinquishing the ego, and ultimately forgiveness. To eliminate suffering and bring forth relief, ease, joy, and love.


Mark of distinction. To invoke the action of God's favour and protection on someone or something.

Baptism, Christening, Naming

The sacredness of bringing forth a child into this world is an act of the crossing of threads in the fabric of fate. Many strands have brought forth a couple together, which united a dynasty and created a legacy.
Celebrating the endowment of our precious little person and all their infinite possibilities of good is an experiential symbolic ceremony of Love in action. We celebrate and name this new Being who's come to learn from us as well as to teach us.

Palliative Service

When one is faced with dealing with their mortality, a ceremony that honours that point of transition can compassionately lessen the confusion and chaos associated with one’s succession towards completing their living experience. A palliative ceremony can provide a measure of reassurance, comfort, and peace to a very difficult situation.

Memorial, Funeral, Cremation

Each ceremony is tailored to represent the decedent's needs and beliefs​; an all-embracing service.​

Wake Viewing

Rites of passage can include a vigil ceremony over the deceased person before burial. Often there is a celebration of the life that has passed through an original expression of the Word commonly mixed with gaiety and lamentations and largely depends on the circumstances of the death.

Honorary Act

An original creative expression of the Word for one's passing over.


The liberation of nuptials. To assist in a smooth separation between two people. To separately grow in spiritual grace with reparation of a divergent friendship.

Spiritual Counseling

Individual, couple or family sessions can be arranged via contact form.

* Costs will be based on the duration and location of the arrangement.