Thank you for giving us exactly what we wanted.  Everything went seamlessly,
due no doubt to your coaching at the rehearsal: direct, efficient and professional.
Kevin & Linda Wong


Book A Rehearsal?

Not surprisingly, the 'well rehearsed’ ceremony appears the most relaxed and spontaneous!

Couples that plan to marry continue to request and now demand wedding ceremony rehearsals. With fewer Clergy, Officiants or the Justice of the Peace willing or primed enough to lead and manage a rehearsal, couples have been left with no alternative – until now!

Global Wedding Rehearsals provides professionally trained rehearsal specialists with a clear vision of the wedding ceremony components and the dynamics that interplay. Rehearsals simulate the actual wedding ceremony by focusing on all the segments of the ceremony ensuring that all the mechanics of the ceremony such as rhythm, timing, pacing, processional, recessional, rites, customs, order of seating and standing have a plan and are well defined and executed.

Rehearsal specialists provide and implement a rehearsal plan ensuring that the schematics of the ceremony are simplified and clarified for the arrangement of the actual day. This stratagem sets the tone for the official day, offering the rehearsal participants self-assurance and a sense of relief and contentment instead of impending fear and worry often credited to pre-wedding jitters and lack of knowledge and planning.

Peace of Mind

Global Wedding Rehearsals continues to rely on its strength - excellent service.

  • Integrity of the rehearsal specialist.
  • Distinct skillfulness' and competency.
  • Customized 'made to order' rehearsals.
  • Outsourcing for Clergy, Officiant's, Wedding Coordinator's and Wedding Planners.
  • Peace of mind for every one.

The rehearsal specialist or designate officiant will professionally carry out a rehearsal at the designated location or standby site of the UNION. The rehearsal fee is $175.00. A deposit is required upon booking. The rehearsal fee is NOT included in the ceremony rate.